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Nikole Hahn is the publisher and founder of TRC Magazine. She is also a newly appointed missionary with WorldVenture.com.  She is the overall editor running all other uncovered editor positions and the publisher of TRC Magazine. You can contact her at nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com. Her website is: www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com

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You run your own team of writers, hire or fire writers, and have the creative freedom to expand and work out your section beneath the overall vision of the magazine. You have an email account to use to contact writers or conduct magazine business. In the future of TRC Magazine, we are looking at expanding the magazine and redoing how we do advertisements. While this is a volunteer position, it is so much like an internship where, you can count this on your resume, and the publisher is happy to write letters of recommendations to those who need it that have worked as an editor. 


How to Become an Editor

Editor Requirements:

1: Your Section: You are responsible for your section, to gather articles that best reflect the brand of your section, hire or fire columnist writers to write for you (with or without my permission), and to attend occasional yearly online meetings to discuss operational things.

  • Each section must have at least one contribution written by you. No more than one unless it is an interview or co-written.
  • Length is not important.
  • You may determine the guidelines and needs for your section. Please communicate that with the publisher. I want to make sure you have creative control, though I still reserve the right to not publish articles or to adjust any section.
  • All writers must have signed a contract and a copy of the contract or any email permissions must be CC’d to me: nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com. Photos may use email permission. Articles must use either a regular contract or a columnist contract.
  • All articles are due two weeks before publication date. However, if there is an issue, communicate with me immediately.
  • Deadlines are mandatory. If you miss a deadline once, you get a warning. Miss it twice, we talk about perhaps that you’d be a better help to us through being just a columnist writer rather than an editor. Life happens; so if you are going to miss a deadline, communicate with me why and let’s work out something.
  • Columnist writers are writers that report to you. They are columnist because they can write whenever they want, receive assignments from you to write on a particular subject, and it’s the lightest responsibility.
  • IDEAS: If a writer submits a story to you, but you don’t like it, but they are a good writer, consider asking them to write a different story instead of outright rejecting the story they submitted to you for consideration.
  • IDEAS: Pursue stories through email. Do interviews on email. This can cut down the time you work on TRC.
  • You may use video, podcast, illustrations or words as a contribution.
  • No recycled content. No simultaneous submissions. No previously published work.

2: Email: You are responsible for checking and maintaining the magazine email once a week. Each editor has their own email account. Please communicate well through it to reject or accept writers within 30 days, acknowledge receipt of articles or queries from writers, and to communicate with the publisher any problems or awkward situations between you and a writer (in that case, bcc me in every communication if there’s an issue). Editors are required to clean out their email every 30 days, deleting non-important emails and archiving important ones to their personal cloud or google drive.

3: Communication: Communication is very important to the running of the magazine. If I send you an email, please give me a simple acknowledgement.

4: Facebook Group: The Facebook Group is set on “secret” so your posts on that page do not get published to your friend list. All things in this group are confidential to the staff. Please check in every so often to see what you missed. We communicate through this and your magazine emails.

5: Social Media: Editors have access to TRC Magazine’s social media. Please take advantage of this. You may cross-network about your church, your gatherings, your stuff on TRC provided that it’s not overly spammy. Also share articles or updates around the vision of your section. The publisher reserves the right to delete entries not appropriate for TRC.

6: Amazon Affiliates: You may use your Amazon Affiliate embed codes in any of your articles provided they are products you would buy. This applies to writers and editors. Please use the text embed code and not the picture one.

7: Profits: All profits are split equally between editors only (i.e. selling advertisements, donations except those donations that go towards operating costs). All money received first goes towards operating costs. Whatever is left over is split equally among editors via gift cards as a thank you for your hard work.

Interested? Email nikolehahn@thehahnhuntinglodge.com your testimony. editor publisher contract  can be downloaded here. Once accepted, this will need to be emailed to us at the above email.