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Writers Guidelines

The difference between us and other magazines is in our stories. We do not care if you do or do not have an online platform or long publishing credits. We do not care if you know how to put two sentences together.

We want your stories.

TRC Magazine is all about showing the unbeliever and sometimes the believer the different facets of Christianity. Some of the best stories come from people who don’t write.

Why should a lack of skill keep you from sharing your story with us?

The editors and the publishers are committed to ensuring a good copy gets published. Many times this means rewriting something with the author’s permission under the author’s byline. But please exercise good etiquette when querying us. Don’t tell us you want to write and expect us to assign you something. Query us with a plan. Be professional.

Then, follow these guidelines:

  • No images may be submitted except that which you took yourself.
  • Blog, Audio, or Video are okay.
  • Query word count.
  • Please do not embed the photos in the Word document. Always send them as an attachment.
  • Send article in a Word document.
  • Fiction: Well-written stories that can be Christian-themed, but that is not required. A good story is wanted, not necessarily a Christian one.
  • Poems: Same as above.
  • Send to specific editors.